We Know Labour Hire!

Yes, we understand the daily struggles most labour hire agencies face on a daily basis. We have built our software to make the daily grid easier.

Orana Labour Hire Software

You will love what Orana can do for your frontline labour hire business!

Streamline the entire onboarding process and attract great resources with Orana.

Create Job Specific Templates

Stop re-inventing the wheel, create job specific templates that meet your requirements when hiring your labour force. These are quick, powerful and comprehensive and we setup the first 10 for you when you sign up.

Reduce Paperwork, Increase Compliance

Reduce or completely eliminate paperwork from your front office. Automatically communicate with candidates as they progress in the onboarding process.


Highly Customisable

Our software is built on the principle that every team’s process is unique. Labour Hire can be complex, and Orana gives you the power to create a solution tailored for your specific business needs.

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Streamline your labour hire recruiting processes with Orana

  • Employer branding
  • Tailored forms and quizzes
  • Interviews & assessments
  • Compliance & reporting
  • Bulk hiring and customer assignments

Source Quality and Suitable Candidates, Faster

Find your candidates where they are looking, such as job sites and social media. Stop waiting for candidates to approach you, let our soon to be releasd Talent Bot bring them to you!

Post Once, Publish Anywhere

Syndicate to free job boards, paid job boards, and popular social media channels.


Filter Suitable Candidates

Structure the forms to filter our unsuitable candidates early in the process. Ensure critical licenses and documents are attached before you even look at their suitability.


Test Candidate Knowledge

Create quizzes that challenge the candidates and ensure they are up to the job. Quizzes can be either text or picture based, allowing for complex scenarios to be assessed.

We help build tomorrow’s greatest recruiters

Orana is powerful, user-friendly recruitment software that scales your ability to find and hire great talent. Enable your business to grow by building a larger talent pool without increasing your staff numbers.

Rank, Track, and Communicate

Use our applicant tracking solution to keep track of the entire processs. With automated communication built-in, ensure all candidates are updated every step of the way.


Tailor Your Processes

Tailor your workflows and requirements for each job opening. This will ensure you stay organized and focused.


Discuss Candidates Together

Keep your hiring team up to date with a real-time stream of the latest activities related to the candidate.

Eliminate Redundant Tasks

Keep your processes moving and your team focused by automatically assigning tasks.

Candidate Experience

The experience a candidate has with your company is a direct reflection of your brand

The reputation of your labour hire business is on show each and every time a candidate applies for a position. Those labour hire companies who communicate with their potential candidates, have a far higher success rate when it comes to attracting and retaining good candidates.

Orana Interview Process

Candidate Interaction

Make an impact at each candidate touchpoint to attract and retain the talent you need.

Personalize your process

Infuse your brand into everything from emails to your careers page to give candidates a consistent experience.

Consistent Messaging

Set up custom workflows to keep your candidates in the loop during every step of the hiring process.

Be Better Prepared

Our customisable guides ensure your hiring team has everything they need to conduct best in class interviews.

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